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Joseph B. Calcagni
Vinny Calcagni
Joseph V. Calcagni 
Matthew Calcagni 

In 1891, Joseph G Calcagni, a stone carver, left Lombardia Province in Italy to work with a friend, James Broggini, in the memorail business in Cleveland, Ohio.

He worked there for six years, then left for Barre, Vermont after hearing its granite industry was rapidly growing and its environment  was very similar to Italy. 

Mr. Calcagni quickly became partners with Mr. Novelli to form Novelli & Calcagni Company. After a few years, Mr. Novelli left the business to return to Italy. In the ensuing years, the company flourished as it became the source of extraordinary memorails, mausoleums , fine sculptures, and hand carvings. 

In 1927, Joseph G. Calcagni died after battling silicosis and tuberculosis. his children Caroline Ciotti and Joseph O. Calcagni took over the business in the final years if the Great Depression. The business was failing.

In 1933, Joseph O. Calcagni married Frieda Beck. Her brother and fathers company, Beck & Beck, then purchased Novelli & Calcagni Company. Beck & Beck quickly grew to become one of Barre`s largest granite companies. 

In 1950`s, Joseph B Calcagni took a job as a Draftsman/ Salesman with Beck& Beck. In 1967, he was offered a full time sales job withCoggins Granite Company of Elberton, Georgia. His territory included NY, CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, & ME. This extensive territory did not permit much time for Joseph B. Calcagni`s  growing family. He soon found a more acceptable employment as a partner in the Chioldi Granite Co. in Barre. Joseph B Calcagni worked with Howard Rock and John Mattson as partners for 3 years. 

In 1969, Rock and Mattson purchased Joseph B. Calcagni`s share in Chioldi Granite Co., and Joseph B Calcagni started the Granite Corporation of Barre.

This corporation, a brokerage, design, restoration, consultation and setting company, was joined by Joseph V. Calcagni after completing his high school and college studies. Within a few years they were joined by Matthew J. Calcagni who brought his drafting and CAD training to the Granite Corp. Of Barre. 

In 2014, Vincent R. Calcagni started a lawn care/ landscape company named GCB Lawnworks, in hopes of one day joining forces with the Granite Corp. Of Barre. After building a decent clientele, Vinny became partial owner of what is now the GCB Corp. 

Joseph B Calcagni is still active in the Business as the GCB Corp. expands to take on a wide number of landscaping, snow removal, and lawn care contracts in Central Vermont while still delivering the quality monument services we are best known for. 

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